Clean drinking water an essential for a healthy life. But hundreds of millions of people lack access to safe drinking water leading to millions dying and suffering with long term illnesses. In the developing world, both bacterial and heavy metals contamination are hazardous elements present in drinking water. Their consumption is unavoidable. We are developing micro water purification system that cleans this contaminated water without the need for expensive chemicals or complex membrane technology.

Drinking Water from our taps, whether from municipal or private supplies, can be improved in safety, appearance and taste. UV light disinfection with ozone oxidation is an excellent, chemical free way to ensure the best quality water, free of undesirable elements such as pathogens and chloramine.

Swimming pools are disinfected with chlorine and this chloramine related health problems for many swimmers. Healthier way of water purification using a combined ozone and ultra violet disinfection system. Speak to us for chlorine free swimming in pools and natural ponds.

Fish farms, aquaculture, lake and ponds are stressful environments for aquatic life. Here too, ozone and ultra violet disinfection are essential for great water quality. Add in ultra sound treatment for a winning combination.